It's Electrifying

Static - it's everywhere, & more frequently on the guests in my chair this time of year. What causes this, why is it more common in the winter & how do we deal? 

Your hair is comprised of atoms which are made of protons, neutrons & electrons. When two unlike materials meet they transfer electrons from one surface to the other. Hair doesn't conduct electricity very well, therefore the electrons just kind of chill there, in your hair. When there is moisture around, the charge can dissolve into it, however when it is a dry, cold winter day there is no moisture to help take care of the charge. The build up of these similar charges repels the hair against each other giving you Einstein like locks. 

So, now, what can we do? 

Bring on the Oil, Skip the Shampoo

Natural oils are essential in keeping static to a minimum. In fact any moisture within your hair is a great way to combat this problem. Depending on your hair type & texture you may want to add another oil into your routine. Talk to your stylist about which is the best option - some offer great repairing benefits, while others focus on lightweight shine. If you just HAVE to shampoo everyday, try opting for a dry shampoo. Aveda makes a great one, with the Shampure scent, and it's aerosol free.

Be a Metal Head

Using a metal comb, metal barrette or clips - it will remove some of the charge buildup.

Put Down the Dryer

Air dry all the way - just plan your showers around your schedule. This will actually save you time, trust me!


Your hair products - shampoo, condition, leave in (this is essential to fight static) should all be a moisture focused line. Aveda's Smooth Infusion or Dry Remedy are good choices. John Masters also makes an unreal conditioner called Lavender Avocado as well as the Evening Primrose shampoo. Looking for a leave in - Green Tea & Calendula Hydrating Mist for all hair types or a drop of his 100% Argan Oil for the super parched strands.

Hairspray Helmet

Not really! Give a good spray with Aveda's Control Force & brush it through your strands. I choose to do this in 3 or 4 sections starting at the bottom and working my way to the top of the head. By spraying and brushing immediately you won't feel like you are wearing spray at all - but it literally creates a shield around each strand. This is a great way for curly hair to stay straight all day long as well.


You may have heard about a little trick of running a dryer sheet through your hair. While this might work I would encourage you to research the ingredients of that dryer sheet before touching it!