Organized Chaos

Almost 2 weeks in to the new year & I find myself wondering about resolutions. How many people partake in this tradition? Do they commit, following through to see completion of their goals? 

I've always found this whole idea to be mega stressful. The idea of starting a new year with a whole list of guidelines and responsibilities! My year end ritual is to complete as many projects as possible and set an intention to enter the new year with. This gives the whole thing a much more open, creative approach - I dig it. 

2016 - over a year into business now, starting to get the hang of things & finding lots of enjoyment in both work and play. It only seems natural that my intention is to focus on a simple, balanced lifestyle. Finding a balance of all the activities we would like to do paired with all the things we must do while nourishing a healthy body & mind... kind of seems impossible. (Moms - how!? You do this for yourself AND others!?!)

Clutter has plagued my life from the beginning, I grew up in it, I thought I found it comforting, visual & almost artistic. I would clean a space just to strategically scatter my things there. My closet was the last place I would search for an outfit and I took joy in discovering that long lost book (which was just under a pile of magazines). Founding a business has nudged me into becoming organized and self aware. My office time is limited, so learning that a tidy desk and plan of attack would speed things up was a great lesson. Putting each project back away before putting on my stylist hat helps me differentiate the two roles and have a meal plan for the week clears my brain for creativity behind the chair & the desk.  All of these things are key in the simplicity and balance I strive for and my intention is to keep with it not for a new year's resolution but for a lifestyle shift. 

What sort of life hacks help you find balance and peace? Feel free in sharing intentions, resolutions or your own new year rituals.

Happy 2016.. looking forward to all it will bring!