established in 2014


Our mission at Birch & Lace is to connect the beauty industry to environmental responsibility. We intertwine beauty and fashion with health and wellness. We strive to continuously be mindful, passionate & dedicated to our community, our personal development and our planet.


Philosophy / Vision

At Birch & Lace we believe in living a lifestyle that treads lightly on our Earth. We lead by example with our waste diversion, and product choices.

We choose to be taken seriously as industry artists, with the utmost professionalism at all times.

We strive for service excellence by continually challenging & educating ourselves. A service at Birch & Lace is an experience from start to finish. Our space is designed to be rejuvenating & inspiring, with an emphasis on balance and positive energy. As a team we support various community events & organizations. Our commitment to improving the lives of those we deal with directly is extended to a wider conscious.



 We believe we can offer a progressive approach to the beauty industry.

We believe in voting with our dollar, and helping others to do the same.

We believe in creating & maintaining a positive environment for all to enjoy.

We believe in striving for environmental leadership & responsibility.

We believe in creating with intention.

We believe in thorough communication.

We believe confidence is beauty.

We believe in continual growth.



Our mission begins with waste diversion.  Hair is traditionally sent to landfills where it is left to rot & produce methane. Chemicals are generally washed down the drain into our water systems. At Birch & Lace we participate in a program called Green Circle Salons, allowing us & you to take full responsibility for the waste created. A small eco tax of $1.50 is added to each service ticket. This eco fee helps us fund our waste diversion program, and continuously improve our energy efficiency. What happens to the waste?

·     Hair soaks up oil spills.

·     Chemical waste is contained, instead of dumped down the drain.

·     Chemicals, foils, spa waste are incinerated creating energy for hydro and ash for road production.

Product ingredients, and progressive companies with integrity are imperative to our vision. Our skin is our largest organ readily absorbing all it is exposed to. We strive to choose the safest, cleanest products that exemplify environmental dedication.

Thanks for your interest and support!

- Sara Sansom, Founder & Creative Director